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Good health
is true wealth!

START With ONE to transform your health –  body, mind, and spirit. Coaching – Courses – Speaking

Accountability and a Plan:
The Keys to Reaching Your Goals

You are never staying still.  The question then is: What direction are you going in

How I can help you...

I will show you that no matter where you start – with a vision for where you want to go, a desire for what you want to create, and a plan and accountability to bring you there – you CAN and WILL create healthy changes in your life – body, mind and spirit. 

About Me : Kathleen Klug

I have been working as a Fitness, Health & Wellness Professional for more than 40 years and am passionate about teaching and encouraging people to be their very best and most powerful selves. As an Institute of Integrated Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, a Fitness Professional, a Health Educator, and the author of START With ONE: A Simple Approach to Upgrade your Health: Body, Mind, & Spirit, I am here to inspire, inform, motivate, and walk alongside you on your journey to revitalizing your health and wellness! Together we will create the plan and roadmap to restore your health!

My approach is a holistic and integrated approach where we look at all areas of your life as a way to improve your wellbeing. My coaching and guidance teaches you how to make lifestyle changes and new habits that you can stick to for better health and quality of life.

Books And Resources

Is it possible to radically improve your body, mind and spirit without having to overhaul your life?

It is possible! And all you need to do is START with ONE.

Heal your body, strengthen your mind, and restore your soul through practical strategies and easy to understand tools that you can start immediately to begin improving your health and your life starting with one small change at a time.

START With ONE will change the way you think about health and getting healthy and will inspire and guide you with simple and easily applied tools and strategies to help you overcome obstacles, master your behavior, and achieve your goals!

START with ONE is your essential guide to transform your health—beginning today!

I created this daily affirmation journal so you would have a special place to write down your health journey – from your vision, to your goals, to your daily behavior, feelings, and lessons you are learning. And of course, your successes!

My hope is that, as you turn each page, you would be inspired by a new affirming thought that will fuel encouragement to help you stay the course and keep the faith as you move day by day towards better health – body, mind, and spirit. This journal will be your tool to help keep you motivated, encouraged, and inspired as you see your small and consistent actions adding up, bringing the results and success you want!

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Do you want or need more guidance to walk through the START With ONE program to implement real action and change?  Do you learn and follow along better by listening to or watching information, instruction, and encouragement?  If so, this e-Course is for you!  Learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home!

The 9 self-paced modules in the START With ONE e-Course will walk you through the START With ONE process of your Integrated Life Circle, the State of your Health, and the Power to Heal chapters.    It will guide you to identify your goals and your target behavior so you can get started TODAY in creating better health – body, mind, and spirit!

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